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Our Privacy Policy

How we use your information
The job of ensuring your confidentiality is taken seriously. When you make a reservation, only the information required for the express purpose of placing and confirming your reservation is used and provided to the supplier. Your information is only used to exclusively manage your reservation, itinerary, and for accounting purposes.

We may use the information that you provide to tailor our experience to you and your needs so that our Service becomes inherently more useful over time. We may use your email address to give you updates on your future reservations, prior reservations and how our service is evolving, as well as to provide you with promotional materials and offers. It is our goal to have hotel promotions be useful and relevant to you, and we want them to become increasingly so over time.

Storage of personal data
All personal data is transmitted via encrypted message [Secured Socket Layer (SSL)] and then stored in a secure database.

Your privacy is guaranteed
The privacy of the information you submit to us while making travel arrangements is guaranteed. Your information remains private, confidential, and secure and will not be sold or otherwise released to any third party.

Third-Party Policies

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